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Progress of Novella (top priority currently)

Word count currently: 31,110
Past Target: 20,000 I no longer have a current target, my target is to get this dang thing done!
Current target: Finish it by the middle of October (might not happen because of current free time)


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Hybrid dragon by GhostGirlVII


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Current amount: 226 :points:

Please note: I am willing to do commissions but you need to contact me and we'll talk, I have a lot of things currently going on but please don't be discouraged to come and talk to me, it really depends on my time and my mood. Thank you.

Next kiriban is at: 25,000 (Have to be a watcher!)
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

Stuff of/for me/OCs etc

Not Complete, chipping away at this bit by bit :XD:

:iconkyavalentine: / :iconkya-valentine:
Gentle Hug [WIP] by Kya-Valentine Nightbeat [Gift] by Kya-Valentine Valentine's Day Cuddles [AeroxNightbeat] by Kya-Valentine Bandit and Titan by KyaValentine Titan Holding Bandit Back :Commissioned Work: by KyaValentine Bandit :Tree of Time: by KyaValentine Request 6: Titan and Bandit by KyaValentine Merry Christmas Lightclaw by KyaValentine :thumb421199819: Happy Birthday Tree-of-Time by KyaValentine Bandit vs Sparksplitter :Free Sketch: by KyaValentine Aero's Fury :Final Sketch: by KyaValentine TF: Prime - Aero's True NaturePopping and gurgling sounds abounded around Aero as he stood stooped over the lab table with a fine needle-like device and a small magnifier. Even his optics could not see the object he was working with without assistance. This work was far finer than anything he normally did within his home lab. That was mainly due to the fact that interruptions happened far too frequently for his taste. Finishing the probe with a final flick of his wrist, Aero stood up and settled his hand upon his back to allow the inner workings of his body time to readjust. There were times that he feared he was becoming too old to do this finite work.
Behind him, the sound of servos gearing up to move made Aero spin and put a hand up toward the extinguisher that was attached to a track built into the ceiling. The device stopped and seemed to almost ask if he was sure. Snarling, he turned away and set the needle down before grabbing a small box from the window sill and turning to leave.
"If you spray anything in t
:thumb318453893: 9. Balance9. Balance
Fusion walked along the broken path, a raging river far below her and a crowd of angry Saltarians behind her, blocking her retreat back to safety. Ahead of her, thick tail swinging and claws gripping the path with a steady sureness that Fusion could never hope to have, Shadow made her way forward stealthily. A small hint of jealousy played at the edges of Fusion's mind. Though she knew there was nothing to be jealous of, it was the way the Reptalians had been designed that gave her friend such amazing balance and skills.
The slipping of a foot dragged Fusion back to the present. If they were going to make it out of this alive, they would have to keep focused and moved forward, no matter what they might meet in the darkness beyond the end of the path. Arrows landed near Fusion's feet, making her stop and look over her shoulder. Some of the Saltarians had overcome their fears and were following them along the path.
"Shadow, we have to move faster!" Fusion whispered urge
68. HatredHatred
The voice sent chills up her spin and made her metal flesh crawl. Deep in her spark, anger boiled upward, rising to her processor and causing her to grip her blade tighter. There was a wish, deep in the primeval section of her processor, to drive the dagger deep into the main energon lines that ran along the sides of his neck. The very thought of watching the life-giving purple liquid pumping from his thrashing body brought forth a savage glee that only one who had such hatred for another bot would understand.
Schooling her features and forcing her shoulders to relax, Bandit turned slowly, looking up at the massive red and gold mech with a cold glare. He was the reason for all her pain and misery.  One day, she would repay him all of that pain and misery with interest.
"Bandit…Bandit…Bandit," Crimson growled the last repetition of her name, reaching out and gripping her arm tightly, dragging her forward. He grabbed her right hand as she broug
Battle Royale 11
The interior of the asteroid was dark and moldy, dark creatures flitted in and out of the shadows cast by the arena lights. Old discarded bodies were strewn about the cavern's floor, piling highest near the tall walls of the arena. Gladiatorial fights occurred at a continuous pace behind those walls, pitting Cybertronians against one another and dark creatures created by the evil scientist that had been sequestered by the Arena's creator, Crimson. Even now, Fusion could hear the sounds of battle behind those walls, a scream so high pitched that it hurt her audios split the atmosphere. The creatures in the labyrinth of caverns echoed that scream, sounding hungry and impatient. She needed to get inside the walls fast; before the creatures decided she was weak enough to be a good meal.
"Relax, Sparklet, no one is going to hurt you as long as I'm around," Knockout's voice broke through her thoughts before she could run, pell mell, down to the arena compound below.
Turning, Fusion glared
Battle Royale 33
Souldancer sat on a chair, opposite where Fusion sat on the couch. Neither spoke, only listened to the quiet conversation occurring in the clinic at the other end of the living quarters. Fusion looked up at Souldancer and nodded toward the corridor in-between. With a confirming nod from her friend, Fusion stood and made her way to the opening, leaning against the edge. After all, Knockout had only ordered them into the living area, not away from the corridor.
"Is she viable?" Knockout asked, moving items around in the clinic with clinks and clunks.
"Certainly… though she is not completely stable," Medic answered. His voice was louder and clearer than Knockout's.
Fusion looked around the edge and saw why. He was standing in the corridor, his attention focused on the holding area beyond the windows. He glanced over and smiled gently at her before turning his attention back to the fighters.
"Have you considered the two big mechs?" Medic asked when the silence went on for a short wh
:thumb284192866: The Mine :1:"Where are we?" Fusion looked at Aero expectantly, confused as to why they were stopping off at an Autobot installation.
"Someplace we can replenish our energon supplies for little in return," Aero stated, his tone making it clear that her questions should wait.
With an irritated sigh, Fusion crossed her arms and stood still, keeping her place slightly behind and to his right. Araman had remained in the shell, where he had been staying at all times since their departure from Omega-1. Wattage and Kilowatt stood off to Aero's left, both of them watching all that was going on around them with clear caution.
The intensity of their surveillance made Fusion look about herself in more curiosity, noticing for the first time that there were Autobot guards stationed around. A few of the guards gave her a curious glance, but no one said a word. As her optics continued to move around the immediate area, she caught movement at the far entrance to the mine. A shackled bot moved with tired resolve, c
Alex in a Box :Gift - WIP: by KyaValentine Free Sketch 4 :Bandit: by KyaValentine Birthday Party 4 Two [Happy Birthday Tree-of-Time] by Kya-Valentine TF: The Energon Incident [Upswing]For the sixth time, Upswing vented harshly. She had been run ragged, her legs were actually shaking from the need to get pressure off of her joints, yet she was supposed to take a fresh cube of energon up to Sidetrack. He was sitting in his VIP lounge and his personal bar was empty. Of course it was. He never seemed to leave his little throne room unless there was an emergency or he felt like revving the sex drives of the femmes in the club by getting on stage.
The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. He was lazy, plain and simple. There was no other explanation as to why he couldn't be bothered to come down to the bar and retrieve his own energon, there were more than enough bouncers to keep the fan femmes at bay. And she would actually get the chance to take her break! Let alone do her other duties.
As well as possibly get to talk to the cute mech that had just come into the club, eying her as he walked past.
Not that she would use that as an excuse. Sidetrack had

PC : Auto by Skeleton-Hellflame Gift: human!Grimm by Skeleton-Hellflame

A Stroll through Cybertron by mythcraze776 Cuddle Buddies by mythcraze776

Fear is our romance by ForgottenHope547 Commission:oasis by ForgottenHope547 Commission:tree-of-time by ForgottenHope547 NM/I chibi by ForgottenHope547 Iridescent X Nightmare ::sketch by ForgottenHope547 Happy birthday tree! by ForgottenHope547 merry x-mas: tree-of-time by ForgottenHope547 Nightmare by ForgottenHope547

.:RQ:. Twins by GhostGirlVII .:RQ:. In the cave by GhostGirlVII .:RQ:. Blue meets Yellow by GhostGirlVII .:Gift:. Darkblades by GhostGirlVII .:RQ:. Hug! by GhostGirlVII .:RQ:. Last stand by GhostGirlVII Meow! by GhostGirlVII .:Kiribian:. Color of Grey by GhostGirlVII .:Gift:. Cosmic Love by GhostGirlVII

Gift: One Hell of a Smile by RoyalBlackheart PC: Solarburn's Adventure        If there was anything better than warm breezes carrying the scent of vegetation, Solarburn had certainly never found it. Endless greenery and shrubbery held before her delicate blue eyes as she viewed her world from the tall canopy of tree. Always searching and allowing the tranquil place she’d grown up upon to hone into all of her sense. It was the sort of peaceful beauty some could only dream of that she got to experience daily on her planet.
        The flora and fauna shifted around the techno organic from her graceful movements that seemed to flow eerily with the world around her. She fit in here; had learned the way that the world changed and how the land moved enough to follow its natural patterns; and just to pride herself, she waited until the air currents moved just right to be able to leap from the tallest overseeing tree; slipping past countless branches and large leaves as big as she was that were moving with the
PC: Slaves of War and Servants to Worlds       It was time. The hard pulsating of her Spark beat told her so. Time to strike back against the Cybertronian kin that had crash landed upon her world and demolished her home.
       The ground had been leveled upon the spot that the Nemesis vessel collided violently with the lively green that surrounded this planet. No more did the animals dare search in the direction where the dark ebony war ship had landed for fear that the canon fire of the Decepticons would tear into their hides like fire. Anything that represented life and happiness was easily and quickly crushed; consumed by the tyrant’s wrath and his savage crew.
       All the while, Solarburn healed from her injuries contained in the fight against the Eradicons and Vehicons of different vehicle forms upon the initial landing. Her limp tangerine petals fluttering in the occasional breeze as her alternative organic mode would greedily suck up the bright white
PC: The Forest Guardians Torment            Without surprise, the floral Techno Organic was left in the confined solitude of the Decepticon brig cells. The most Solarburn saw of her captors was when they would come within her locked room to pin her down and twist upon her vines; keeping them virtually broken as per their Lord Megatron’s request. She would bite and claw upon the drone Eradicon forms and still they would pile in recklessly to accomplish the same goal again and again; keeping her subdued within the confines of the dark gray prison walls.
            If the torture wasn’t enough, Solarburn had been forced into a room that clearly hadn’t been properly decontaminated from its last resident. The foul stench of sour Energon was everywhere and there were claw marks upon ever crevice of the cramped room. She need only to pace from one end to the other to examine these sporadic markings with a gentle sway of the bright orange petals that fell around her waist and to her feet to understand that

For Decepticon Lightclaw by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy For Decepticon Lightclaw 2 by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy Lightclaw and Stomper by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy The gift of chaos Pt1Some say that without a structured society we are nothing. Without structure the world as we know it would fail and chaos would devastate the planet. Or is it being trapped in societies web that causes us to revert back to our primal instincts?
Without madness, there is no structure. Without structure, there is no society. Without society, there is no chaos. Without chaos, there is no madness. Without madness, there is no structure…
Just like taking the good with the bad we must also learn to embrace chaos and strive to function as a society at the same time.
Without a true sense of the term 'chaos', it's meaning will fall on deaf ears and the purpose behind a 'society' will be lost.

"Starscream, the war is over, don't bring this up again…" Magpie sighed, turning away from Starscream and retreating to the balcony of their new home, that was now once again back on Cybertron. A 'better' Cybertron.
"We deserve better," Starscream hissed, so quietly Magpie didn't seem to hear him. S
The gift of chaos Pt2Part 2
“Without a true sense of the term ‘chaos’, its meaning will fall on deaf ears and the purpose behind a ‘society’ will be lost.”
This is a lesson for our leaders, our rebels and our peace keepers. Our leaders must learn how to handle our rebels, to respect their wishes and understand why they are called ‘rebels’ and our peace keepers must learn to embrace their energy. Our rebels must learn that their actions have consequences and their desires may be hurting those around them. Our peace keepers must understand that a leader must respect the wishes of the rebels and to allow them their freedom of speech. We must all understand that someone else’s opinion and actions will be at our own expense, it’s a part of life we need to encourage, as the favour is always returned at the expense of someone else.
The leaders of a society must be made up of both peace keepers and rebels; however they must not voice their own
Toxicon and Ouzel by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy Happy Halloween by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy Auto and Oasis by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy Ouzel and Toxicon by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy

Various artists:

Bandit and Titan by SoulRobot :thumb485011904: reuqest Sidetrack Ref by Autumn123Charlotte Tree-Of-Timerq by Dragonjg Pink KittySitting down and staring at Heavy Hauler's bulk, lying on the berth that took up the largest portion of the room, Quicksilver considered her options. If she wanted to see and get a picture of Heavy Hauler in the costume she'd made for her, then she would need some help. Of course, it just so happened that help was aboard the Rust Bucket (her nickname for Heavy Hauler's 'baby' -- a small ship that looked like it was held together with a prayer and a hope). A few cycles earlier, they had picked up a passenger. A 'Con femme with a playful streak to match Quicksilver's own. Much to Heavy Hauler's chagrin, the two had hit it off and spent most of the last couple of cycles developing their pranking skills as partners in crime.
"She in recharge?" Lightclaw asked, poking her helm around the open doorway, her claw-like fingers gripping the edge as she stared at the hulking form of Heavy Hauler.
"Yes," Quicksilver got to her pedes and moved into the room, approaching Heavy Hauler quietly. Once s
Lineart Commission Titan and Bandit by putt125 AT: Light Claws by DecepticonCyberWolf Sparking Request Stomper by rose-angle Sketches and requests by GeekGilmu TF-Chibi LightClaw commission by StraightEdge-Link Request by Mammygirl112 by CastleOblivin Commision by bn44 Mammygirk Avatar by Dulcedragon1488 Living creatures like us... by CuriousCucumber Kiriban Prize for Mammygirl112 by Israel42 Merry Christmas from Darkblades, Xmas gift by Lady-Autobot17 Darkblades by Annpar2009 Kiriban 1 by BlackDema Alex Wiggily by HamiHamHam Tree-Of-Time Rq by Dragonjg CMSN: Tree-of-Time by SillyLittleIconMaker 10 free sketches by faliessDragon To Walk the Moon by Crescent-moon-demon Art Trade - 1ForSorrow2ForJoyUniverse: N/A...
Primary Characters: Toxicon & Ouzel
Secondary Characters: Various Generic Mechs and Femmes
Genre: Drama
Rating: T
Notes: Art Trade for 1ForSorrow2ForJoy who asked for Tree-Of-Time's Toxicon from their PoV on a secret story she works with a friend of hers. C: I hope everyone enjoys, especially you as well, Tree-Of-Time, I've tried my very hardest and I had a blast writing this!

The starry night skies, one of the most favourite things that Toxicon loved, a Femme who often came around the bar known as "The Glitched Mouse". She was a kind of Femme who enjoyed her nights spent at that very bar, and often was stared at due to what seemed to be a long, long tail trailing behind her lifelessly, though it often seemed to stick upwards off the ground at times. Most Mechs that have spotted her immediately strayed out of her way... They knew her all too well and that she was not a Femme to be chosen for an easy ta
:thumb423127848: Patchwork x Quicksilver [Fallen Heroes] by Quicksilver-TFP Request - Darkblades and Heatstress by mizuyaiba Darkblades by Annpar2009 A.T:Darkblade by DJ-Soundwave16899 Commission-Bandit by TheShyCorona PC: Titan and Bandit by PDJ004 Stomper movie verse by nb16kitty

I really don't get it...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 11:58 AM
How is that, a girl I knew from last year who was so awesome and cheerful becomes a nasty snarling creature. We used to talk all the time and I loved that but now? She ignores or snaps at me, I know she talks behind my back because she's immature and clearly holds something against me. Don't ask me what, I have no idea or clue.

I hate when people change and they are rude for no good reason. For the love of god, get over yourself, I have never mistreated you or insulted you, there is no good reason for it.


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My Muse And I :WIP: by Tree-Of-Time:

Support my OC's/FC's! Lightclaw Stamp by Laoness Stomper Stamp by Laoness

My favorite Quotes:
:bulletorange: "I love my country, but I fear my government..." ~Unknown
:bulletpurple: "One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time." ~Carl Sagan
:bulletorange: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."~Winston S. Churchill
:bulletpurple: "Patience is a virtue; one I no longer possess." ~Darion Morgraine (WoW)
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I'm on my way. You might fly but I fly higher. You're so hot but I'm on fire. Might not be on top of the world but hey: I'm on my way!" ~Charlie Brown (On My Way)
:bulletpurple: "At any given moment you have the power to say: This is NOT how the story is going to end." ~Unknown

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Current favorite movie: None at the moment
Current favorite song: Coming Down & Pride by Five Finger Death Punch
Current obsession: Pairings and Transformers :dummy:

Please call me Mammy or Tree since people prefer to do that and also I'm a really nice person once you get know me. I'm not one for drama or being the center of attention but conversations are nice and I'm willing just to talk and have some fun. I'm usually really quiet to people I don't know but once I get to know someone I'm actually a chatter box. If you want to come and say hello go ahead and say it! I'm easy going and not one to freak out on people or spam others, you be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. My dream is to write books as a job or be a book editor for others, I enjoy drawing, writing or other things I find interesting. Usually I have strong views in what I believe in so please don't come and pick a fight with me since I am Republican and part of the NRA. I don't like fighting but if you pick I fight I'm very nasty and I can give as I get. Thank you.
Republican by Dont--Tread--On--Me NRA Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord Fact Free Zone by DragonLordKris
Stamp - PhotoshopElements User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear Xenomorph Stamp by ToxicBlaze

My signature for art was once MG112, if you find art that has that on it and looks like my art please tell me if it's on someone's else account, thank you.

Please Note: All characters/art belong to me and there is only one me in the DA world (or any other world, like facebook, tumblr (That's a lie, I have a tumblr now, etc) except for a rp account I no longer use ( Decepticon-LightClaw ) and I WILL NOT change my characters name/designation or design because it may look like another’s or yours. I am sorry but I will not and I will be polite to tell you so unless you mouth off to me. I have no patience for people who don’t understand my ideas or me. Also DO NOT steal my characters or my artwork, or even my literature, I will not be a happy person when I find you if you do it. Stealing artwork is ILLEGAL!

Transformers belongs to Hasbro, I only use their story lines and base off my stories mostly off TFP

Things you might want to see from me:

:bulletorange:My To Do List and Progress:
:bulletblack: My Oc's/FC's:…
:bulletorange: My Art:…
:bulletblack: My Commision info: Is on my page ^^
:bulletorange: My current things about art etc: Is on my page ^^

Feels like crazy year is coming up 

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Commission Info/Rules

Headshot: Neck up, detailed
Chest up: Sternum up
Whole body
Background: detailed in lineart, sketch in sketches

:bulletblue: Sketch (No background)
:bulletred: Headshot: 15 :points:
:bulletred: Chest up 20 :points:
:bulletred: Whole body 30 :points:

:bulletblue: Lineart
:bulletred: Headshot 25 :points: (no background)
:bulletred: Chest up 35 :points:
:bulletred: Whole body 40 :points:

:bulletblue: Colors
:bulletred: Flats on headshots + 10 :points: + 5 :points: shading
:bulletred: Flats on chest ups + 15 :points: + 5 :points: shading
:bulletred: Flats on full body + 20 :points: + 5 :points: shading

:bulletblue: Other things/Background
:bulletred: Another character is 20 :points:
:bulletred: Simple background (props, et) 15 :points:
:bulletred: Full background 35 :points:


1. Please give me refs and bios of characters
2. It takes me time to do a commission and find motivation/inspiration to do it so it might take me a couple hours to a couple of months, please be patient
3. Please tell me if you want a progress picture of how I am doing so I can send it to you and if you want something changed I can do that before it’s too late, I refuse to do a picture all over again after it is officially complete
4. Be respectful and understanding that it takes time out of my day to do your commission and I truly do try my hardest to make it right and get better through these commissions

What I do:
-Transformers (OC’s/FC’s)
-others things (tell me what you have in mind!)

What I don’t do:
-Certain canon characters


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